Technical requirements for mold production

The fabrication and processing of mechanical mechanisms must always require high accuracy and must not be skewed, the tolerance index for mechanical products is always at the lowest level. Especially with the mold fabrication to produce plastic component products, the more attention must be paid to accuracy. The wrong parameters or deviation of a drill can also damage the molding process, both costing materials because it has to be processed and time-consuming can lead to delays in delivery to customers and many other problems related to the product after being formed by mold. Therefore, the production and fabrication of molds requires a lot of attention, to be able to create the best product and achieve high accuracy.

Here are some essential notes when crafting molds:

  • Requirements for size and shape of the form: the tolerance rate for size error, the shape of the format is very small. Misaligned in size of detail, the mold affects the entire molding process. On the other hand, the allowed tolerance rate is calculated as 1/1000mm.
  • Molding materials: Molding materials need to be thoroughly checked before processing, materials need to ensure the necessary parameters of hardness, plasticity, durability as well as the wear and tear of the material. The material needs to be thoroughly inspected to ensure the quality when processing as well as the durability of the material.
  • Gloss requirements: The gloss of the mold is extremely important, the non-glossy mold will greatly affect the quality of the product that the mold creates. It can be said that the polishing job is a simple job but requires a meticulous and extremely high technical element because if only the polisher is a little flawed, it may have to be done again because it is not satisfactory.
  • The correlation position of the two halves of the mold: This problem also requires high technique because when putting the mold into the plastic pressing operation the tighter the two faces, the more beautiful and perfect the product creates.
  • The process requirements from design to processing must be uniform: This will help the process from design to processing more thoughtful and accurate.
  • Requirements for the quality of the mold.
Mold processing
Mold processing

In the process of mold processing, the technical elements are carried out in the right process and ensure the higher the accuracy, the other stages also become convenient and eventually the product from the mold will be perfect.

   There are also errors that mold processing is often encountered such as:

  • Mold error
  • Error 2 half mold
  • Detailed redundancy errors
  • …….

Errors arise when processing molds in addition to some of the above basic errors, there are many other errors that only in the process of processing depending on the place and depending on the conditions, there are different problems.

In general, the correct mold processing requires a highly technical person who needs caution and meticulousness to be able to create the most perfect molds. VCC MOLDS is also one of the units with experience in making precision molds with long-time and skilled mechanical engineers. Please contact us immediately via Hotline: 0934 683 166 or leave a message here. for advice and quotes as quickly and accurately as possible. 


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