Jigs processing (JIg)

Design and processing specialized jigs as required

VCC Molds process jigs assembled in the production of automobiles, motorcycles, mechanics with different types of clamping mechanisms. Make jigs for on-demand assembly with high accuracy. Jigs, also known as napkins, JIG combines assembly lines to improve productivity and increase profitability.

Jigs need to be mechanically processed correctly, to ensure the quality of the product and the original fabrication. Based on the design, VCC Molds machining engineers will use CNC machine tools to perform machining. The main purpose of jigs is to provide repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in the production of products.

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Customer satisfaction is an honor for us. With decades of experience in precision mechanical processing, VCC Molds can bring gá gáing design, jig processing service to meet the highest precision requirements of customers.


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Sample processing jigs


Jigs are a type of tool used to control the position and/or movement of another instrument . The main purpose of jigs is to provide repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in the product manufacturing process. A device performs both functions (keeping the tool intact and guiding the instrument).

In mechanical processing, we provide all kinds of jigs on milling machines, jigs on lathes, welding jigs, drill jigs, welding jigs, jigs design as required.

In the assembly line, VCC designs and processing jigs assembly, test jigs, automatic clamping jigs,…

Manufacturing a variety of jigs for many industries: Automobile parts manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, motorcycle parts manufacturing, machine parts manufacturing,….

The design of the jigs will have to depend on the assembly method, the process is as follows:
  • Detailed cluster analysis and assembly method.
  • Select the direction of assembly and layout of the assembly tools.
  • Design locations in every detail.
  • Design the clamping positions, ensuring that the details are not shifted during the welding process, while also not being deformed by the clamping force.
  • Finish the jigs.
  • Processing the components of jigs.
  • Assembly and calibration (using 3D measuring hands).
  • Program assembly operations for robotic arms and tools.
  • Install details on the jigs and then proceed to assemble the prototype.
  • Check the sample and correct the error on the jigs.
  • Assemble and check again, if meeting the requirements of shape and tolerance, then switch to mass assembly.

Depending on the difficulty and requirements of the design, we will give the appropriate delivery time. Usually the longest time is about 1-3 weeks. At times when VCC is overloaded with processing, the time may be slightly longer.

Just send the design drawing via Zalo: 0934683166 or Email: contact@vcc-group.vn, VCC Molds will respond to the quote as soon as possible.


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