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Molds are indispensable manufacturing equipment in industrial manufacturing industries. The higher the mold with accuracy, the more quality the product produces.

VCC Molds provides customers with a total service from perfecting ideas to prototyping. From mold design, mold fabrication, mold assembly processing and finally transportation to customers.

Our team has many years of experience in molding. Real-time combat at Japanese mold manufacturing companies is drawn to deploy an advanced and high-precision mold fabrication system.

Main industries: Automotive Industry, Household Appliances Industry, Medical Industry, Consumer Goods Industry.

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Frequently asked questions

Customers who come to VCC Molds mostly share the common problems when looking for a mold manufacturing company in Vietnam.

  • It is not possible to find a company to make plastic molds with a mind and enough scope.
  • Fear of choosing the wrong weak old processing unit, or the new one that has no experience.
  • Product quality is not as committed, raw materials are not as guaranteed as contracted.
  • Hiring designs on one side, outsourcing one side leads to asynchronous, examity pushing responsibility.
  • Mold processing costs from China are cheaper but at higher risk.
  • The cost of repairing and improving the mold is too high.
  • Delivery times are delayed, resulting in no mold to produce. Missed the business opportunity.
  • Customers have ideas, but don’t know the prototype product design leads to the inseurate of the idea.

The mold is made of stainless steel. There are quite a lot of stainless steels with different standards. Depending on the type of mold to be fabricated, the sample product material chooses different steel labels.

Note: Choosing the right type of steel is more important than expensive steel.

VCC Molds can be used to apply most common materials and steels. Chat directly with us for more details.

The durability of the mold is influenced by many different factors. From design, processing, assembly, inspection and repair, finally go into the injection molding service.

A set of molds is allowed to use a variety of steels such as SKD 11 steel, SKD 61 steel, etc. to make its own parts. VCC Molds will fabricate molds so that the most durable quality, meeting the needs of customers.

VCC Molds applies iso 9001:2015 quality management system in all corporate operations. In addition, we also apply KAIZEN and 5S production management methods.

Like the processing of jigs, depending on the difficulty of the mold, the delivery time will be different. For simple processing molds, the delivery time is from 1-3 weeks. With complex patterns and large sizes, the time will last longer. We can communicate directly if you have a need.

Any business that needs to make high-quality molds is the customer we want to connect with. Currently, VCC Molds’ customers are mainly Japanese FDI enterprises in Vietnam, enterprises in Japan.

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