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Precision mechanical processing

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    VCC MOLDS is a precision mechanical engineering specialist, manufacturing plastic injection molds for automotive, motorcycle, electronic components, printers…

Led by engineers with decades of experience working in Japanese mold companies, VCC Molds invests in synchronous new processing equipment entirely from Japan and several European countries. With a total of 30 CNC machines and processing equipment, and a 3000m2 factory, VCC Molds can meet a variety of machining needs for customers.

VCC Molds applies ISO9001:2008, ensuring the design – fabrication – processing processes are strictly controlled, bringing the most satisfaction to customers.

  VCC MOLDS always aims for top quality, putting the interests of customers first with the “Maximum effort, building trust.” 

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Modern processing equipment

Ensure the correct processing quality of tolerance is extremely low.

Team work

High work efficiency.

Simulation design

Use specialized design software: CAD, CAM, Solidwork.

Quality products

Molds, jigs, and processing items meet ISO 9001:2008.

Why choose VCC Molds


Quality is the number one priority.

VCC Molds implements a production process based on the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. The process of designing and manufacturing molds is always monitored and tested. Make sure the product meets the customer’s requirements.


Diverse stereotypes

Plastic molding of auto and motorcycle parts; Printer plastic mold; Plastic molding electronic components; Stamping sudden mold; Rubber mold; Molding; Pressure molding. Each template is designed in detail based on the sample product design.


Modern processing technology

VCC Molds invests in new and modern processing machines. The use of modern machinery plus a detailed, clear mold fabrication process to control the quality of each product. Ensure the quality of plastic products produced later.

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