Characteristics, application of mold processing by CNC machine

In today’s precision mechanical processing operations, the use of high-tech CNC machines has become very popular because of the benefits and functions that the machine brings. Mold processing with CNC machines makes the work easier, the product is finished faster and brings high efficiency at work. But to be able to control CNC machines, it also requires experienced people to operate, because even a small detail that is not interested leads to the destruction of the whole stage.

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Features of cnc machines used in mold making

Precision mold processing requires a lot of mold accuracy, face section aesthetics as well as being able to see the prototype of the mold.

Mold processing company in Hanoi
What is a pattern? How is mold processing done?

CNC machines have some of the following basic features:

  • Highly automatic features: CNC machines have a high cutting productivity and minimize secondary time, due to the level of automation is greatly improved. Depending on the degree of automation, CNC machines can perform many different movements at the same time, can automatically change knives, correct tool knife errors, automatically check the size of details and thereby automatically correct the relative positional deviation between the knife and the detail, automatic cooling, automatically sucking the cheese out of the cutting area …
  • High flexibility: Computer-controlled CNC machines have pre-programmed programs according to the design pattern so the switching between models is done very quickly. Besides, the processing of many different details also becomes more flexible, fast and accurate because CNC machines can automatically replace milling knives, drill bits,…. to match the details that need to be worked.
  • The ability to concentrate in public: Most CNC machines can perform a large number of different redestis without changing the location of the set price in detail.
  • High accuracy and quality assurance: CNC machines can operate completely independently, operated by computer systems, so tolerance capacity is also significantly reduced and avoids unwanted error effects when reinforced by traditional methods.
  • Processing with many complex forms: CNC machines can operate with many different spaces, can cut 2D and 3D carving so we can machine with most details, products.
  • High economic and technical efficiency: Using CNC machines can reduce downtime of machines and machines can operate continuously creating products, so it will reduce the time to complete products to increase productivity and order completion time is also more assured.

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CNC machine application in mold processing

Plastic Mold Processing
Plastic mold processing

  CNC machines are heavily applied in the stages of mold fabrication and processing. For metal processing, it will mainly use CNC milling machines and CNC lathes.

  CNC machines are involved in most processing processes because they can automatically replace cutting knives or noses to suit each stage, bringing accurate efficiency to the work. Therefore, choosing cnc machine processing is always the most optimal and necessary option.

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