Processing plastic molds on demand in Hanoi

Precision plastic mold processing as required in Hanoi

On-demand plastic mold processing is a key service of VCC Molds. With a series of modern machining equipment, importing new processing machines from Japan, Taiwan, Europe, we specialize in processing plastic molds for large-scale manufacturing enterprises, FDI companies in Vietnam.

Each complete plastic mold needs to go through many meticulous and detailed stages, to get the finished product with the highest accuracy according to the design.

If your business is in need of processing plastic injection molds on demand, the size is about 20x30cm.

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Let's learn about mold processing, especially the structure of plastic molds.

What is mold processing?

Molds are tools for production, used to produce many of the same products. The products we're talking about here are plastic products. The mold for the manufacture of these plastic products is made of metal, usually stainless steels.

The machining machine will process the details of the mold, after which the worker will assemble the mold into a complete mold.

Plastic Mold Structure

Plastic molds are divided into 2 main parts: female molds and male molds.

The female mold is the name of the fixed part. This part is fastened to the plastic press wall, and connects to the plastic nozzle system of the sprayer. The molten plastic is inserted through the faucet into the mold after 2 pieces of mold are grafted together.

Male mold is also known as the mobile part. This section is the part that has a molding function to press the product and open the mold to get the product. The mobile part will be fastened to the cell wall of the plastic press machine connected to the molding system to push the product out through the push battery system designed in the mold.

Plastic Mold Structure

As you can see, a set of molds has 17 parts. It's very complex and needs to be accurate in every little detail. To ensure that the molded product is correct according to the design, the mold must be designed according to each measurement.

With more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing molds in Japanese enterprises in the automotive and motorcycle industry, VCC Molds engineers are committed to bringing the highest quality mold products with the most accuracy.

Refer to more mold processing products as required.

Manufacturing and processing plastic injection molds is precisely the needs of many enterprises producing automotive equipment, motorcycles, consumer products,… To ensure the mold works well, efficiently and durablely, you should choose a reputable unit and experience in the design and machining of plastic pressing molds.

Correct mold repair in Hanoi

Molds during use are inevitable problems with molds or accompanying parts. Mold components are cracked, broken mold details or accompanying parts. Or it may be due to the choice of mold production material wrongly leading to the use of a reduced quality period.

The durability of the mold is assessed by many factors.

  • Steel quality for molding
  • The correct machining of the components that constitute the mold
  • Time of use or usage
  • The intensity of use…

Plastic molding errors often occur.

  • Non-sealed plastic product molds create three vias on the pressed-out product.
  • Components used to assemble molds or lead liquid plastic into poor quality molds.
  • The mold latches are broken, watery, oily …
  • The mold is not glossy enough, the product produces no smooth gloss.
  • The roughness, gloss of the mold decreases causing product deformation.

Plastic mold repair service in Hanoi

1 . . 247 Quick Repair Service

2. Periodic maintenance of machinery, plastic molds

3. Supply of other types of spare parts, components and machinery

Polishing Plastic Press Mold

VCC Mold provides related molding and repair services such as:

– Polish the surface of the mold as required.

– Fix the fault of plastic mold pressed plastic mold with three via

– Fix the fault of the plastic mold pressed plastic mold burned products – lack of materials.

– Replacement of components: ty, latch, silver … in accordance with the stereotypical standard.

– Processing and refreshing mold components to restore to the status quo of the prototype.

– Improve the new pattern mold on the available mold.

– Improve molds to reduce the introduction of scraps during operation…

– Make a new mold…

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