What is a pattern? What is CAD/CAM/CNC? APPLICATION CAD/CAM/CNC to mold processing

What is a mold, what is CAD/CAM/CNC,what is the link between mold and CAD/CAM/CNC in mechanical manufacturing and processing? Please find out through this article with VCC Molds.

What is a stereotype?

A template is a device used to shape a product by shaping method. Molds are made based on product drawings or from the sample product itself. Currently, the mold is made of metal. Used once or more times in the manufacture of the product. The size, texture, shape of the mold depends on the product to be produced.

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Half of the bronze mold for casting the head of the spear has hollows dating from 1400-1000 BC
Bronze Age stone mold used to produce spears(Wikipedia)

The history of the pattern no one knows when it came from. Until now, we have only predicted the duration of the ancient patterns discovered.

Currently, the demand for stereotypes is increasing and diverse. Therefore, mold processing uses modern technologies to design and create product molds according to customer requirements.

From these shapes, the template will create the same product as the design, ensuring the features and uses of the product.

What is CAD/CAM/CNC technology?

CAD/CAM/CNC is a much-mentioned technical term in the mechanical machining industry. These are new technologies, applied in design and mechanical processing to improve product glide, improve production productivity. In it:

  • CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. A software designed with the help of an electronic computer;
  • CAM stands for Computer Aided Making. It is also software but not for the design that leaves support production.
  • CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. People know CNC is the machine, machine exactly products.

All three technologies have the help of electronic computers. Collectively, it’s called digital control processing.

What is a pattern? Mold design process

CAD/CAM/CNC Application in Mold Processing

CAD/CAM/CNC is commonly applied in mechanical fabrication such as jig, machine parts processing and mold processing.

If you are looking for the correct processing company as required, Vietnamese Capacity apply for self-application. More than 12 years of experience in precision mechanical processing and machinery manufacturing, Viet Capacity has invested in modern processing machine systems to meet the needs of customers. See more about Vietnamese capabilities.

Apply CAD to mold design

People often hear 2D, 3D design, right? That 2D or 3D design is designed by engineers who use CAD software to create product models. The simulation drawing with authenticity is almost the same as the real product after processing.

What is a pattern? What is CAD/CAM/CNC? APPLICATION CAD/CAM/CNC to mold processing

A mold or any highly complex mechanical detail will be simplified through the perspective of CAD software. This is very beneficial for completing the template quickly and accurately.

Application of CAM to mold production

Just like CAD, CAM is mechanical processing software installed on a computer. But as the above VCC shared, CAM is used to support the mold manufacturingprocess. It is like a total operating system of devices, machines machine machined through computers.

CAM software has the function of receiving data analysis, calculating the parameters given from the cad’sdesign. Convert into the language of cncmachines, then control the CNC machines to operate.

Using CAM in precision mechanical processing helps automate the processing process. Machines operate according to pre-set programming. The machine head is responsible for monitoring and checking errors in the orders so that the processing is completed.

Processing products such as molds, jigs,… tolerance is limited to the maximum. Depending on the actual product, there will be different tolerance requirements.

CNC application in mold processing

CNC technology is high-tech machines, achieving almost absolute precision machining. What is CNC technology similar to the term CNC Machining? It is the process of the machine performing the cutting, milling, lathe operation on the workpiece to create the processing product.

Common CNC machines can be mentioned as: CNC milling machine, CNC lathe machine, stamping machine, Laser engraving machine….

CNC machining machines are increasingly being developed to be able to machine details of many different sizes. From small-sized molds to large ones. They all have high accuracy.

CAD/CAM/CNC is the process of going from design to programming and processing complete molds. They become a closely bonded process, operating uniformly with high efficiency.

What’s different about making traditional and modern stereotypes?

Tradition has always been something slow and manual. In the course of industrial development, the ability to meet the quality and time demands of traditional methods cannot meet the increasing requirements.

The development of high-tech manufacturing helps industries grow, including mold manufacturing. The accuracy of the pattern is the top-not only focus.

Using modern molding technology has the following advantages:

  • The quality of the mold. Modern processing by machine machine helps molds reach 100% accuracy.
  • Production sync. Automatic processing machinery, according to the engineer’s design. As long as the standard design, the mold will meet the required standard.
  • The production speed is many times that of traditional processing. Contributing to reducing costs, increasing production speed, increasing competition for enterprises.
  • Increased professional capacity. Each stage is undertaken by highly specialized engineers.

On-demand mold processing services

The demand for mold processing on demand is increasing. To meet that demand, Vietnam Capacity Precision Mold Joint Stock Company provides mold processing services according to the needs of customers. VCC Molds with the leadership of a management team with long experience in mold manufacturing at Japanese enterprises.

VCC Molds’ target audiences are businesses with high accuracy requirements, strict production processes such as:

  • The field of automobile, motorcycle, electronics, printers,…

With the main mold products:

  • Plastic Mold Electronic Components
  • Plastic molds of automotive and motorcycle components
  • Plastic Mold Printer Components

VCC Molds is committed to giving customers accurate molds with the smallest possible tolerance. Make sure to meet the customer’s requirements. Set the stage for strong cooperation with partners.

Mold processing process on demand

VCC Molds operates under a strict, disciplined process. Here is the mold processing process required by VCC Molds:

Phase 1: Receive information and designs from customers. Includes: Product design with technical requirements. VCC Molds will quote the price in detail and plan production.

Phase 2: Product analysis, preliminary drawing of mold structure and communication with customers to progress to phase 3.

Phase 3: Implement 2D, 3D mold design and detailed mold drawings. Make a list of standard components.

Phase 4: Prepare for processing. The drawing is transferred to cnc machine language and planned for machining.

Stage 5: Mold processing exactly according to the planned plan. Polishing details, finishing the mold shell, the mold heart detail, the mold core detail.

Phase 6: Splplially and try the mold.

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