Precision mechanical processing techniques

It can be seen that in the mechanical industry, mechanical engineering is the most important thing, because when processing any type of material related to mechanics, tolerances always need to be required at the lowest level. The gauge of the specifications must have the ratio at the most standard level. So what exactly is mechanical processing? And how to make the product the most accurate.

Precision mechanical processing

Precision mechanical processing is the process of processing mechanical products with almost absolute accuracy, using modern machinery and equipment systems – especially CNC machines along with high-speed, high-power robots to achieve high accuracy.

By using modern machinery and operated entirely by computers, mechanical processing products have high accuracy, ensuring the complete size and proportions as the drawing. Precision mechanical processing can be seen that allows the mechanic to achieve complex shapes, and ensures quality standards for surface roughness and tolerance of the processing product.

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What is CNC machining? Overview of CNC Machining Process
CNC machine machining

How important is CNC processing?

Precision machining by CNC machines is gradually becoming more favored by the accuracy, speed and quality of processing products produced. CNC machine processing is important also because many processing products are associated with our lives. A lot of products are used from the manufacture of cars, motorcycles,… to other rows are related to the shape and details of the machine so it requires almost absolute accuracy and tolerance becomes the lowest to reverse the value of the product.

Precision processing is the process of removing excess raw materials from a processing detail, while ensuring the end edges have the smallest tolerance to create a complete product. Simpler means shaping a block of raw materials into parts,….. have structures, specifications and can be applied to assembled machinery equipment. And to do that, using CNC machines to machine it correctly is necessary.


Successful precision machining requires the ability to follow extremely specific blueprints performed by Computer-assisted Design (CAD) or Computer-Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) programs. This CNC machining technology creates the 3D diagrams or outlines needed to produce a machine, object or tool. The designs must be created in great detail to ensure quality and success.

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Precision processing operation

Precision mechanical processing requires the use of CNC machines, but in order for CNC machines to operate and machine the most accurate products, the first thing to do is to design the product details that need to be machined on CAD software – a 2D or 3D simulation software that helps the engineer design the products. It’s accurate. After the product design is completed on cad software, the designer will export the document file needed to be inserted into CAM – a software that is integrated on CNC machines to ensure the operation of CNC machines processed under the installation program.

It can be said that CAM is the bridge between CAD and CNC machine, so that CNC machines operate perfectly and create the most accurate details, it is indispensable to one of the 3.


CNC Machine Machining Materials

Materials for CNC machines are diverse and all kinds of industries, depending on the industry and products that need to be machined, there will be different types of materials. But when it comes to precision mechanical manufacturing and processing, we immediately think of metal materials because of the specificity of the industry.

Metal materials are used for detailed processing, and different types of products also have a variety of types and properties depending on the purpose of use. The selection of steel processing is also contributing to reducing costs and ensuring the appropriate capacity of the product. Besides, the choice of materials is also to choose the nose, cutting knife . . . So that it is suitable and the drilling is drilled with metal.

To become a precision mechanical processing unit Prestige

The requirements of a mechanical processing company are not too high but also not low, because the addition of machinery, improving the working environment is what confirms the professionalism of a company. Some things to keep in mind about a reputable processing unit.

  • In terms of human resources: It is necessary to have a good team of engineers, have experience in the profession, make sure to work a serious and always conscious for every job that you are assigned.
  • About machinery: The company needs to ensure the use of modern CNC machines suitable for products that need to be machined to create the most accuracy.
  • There are measurement tool equipment needed to evaluate and check the quality of processing products.
  • There is a quality management board to ensure control of the entire process of processing correctly from raw materials to product completion.
  • It is a company of scale to ensure the number and schedule of delivery as expected.
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