Mold Production Design Process

To be able to produce a complete mold requires smooth and close coordination between the stages from the reception of molding information to the completion and delivery to customers. Because the production and fabrication of molds is not simple in a few steps or a few people, but a team that understands each other, understands and is responsible for their tasks.

So what is the pattern? Molding is a device used to shape products by mold pressing method, the product is made mainly plastic components for cars, motorcycles, machinery equipment,….

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Mold production implementation process

Mold production consists of many different stages and the promotion and succession of stages is essential. At VCC Molds there are 6 stages to perfect the mold, which can be mentioned as follows:

1. Receiving information

After exchanging information with customers and reaching the final conclusion, VCC Molds will receive the following information to complete step 1 with customers:

  • Product drawings
  • Detailed drawings.
  • Technical drawings.
  • Mold quotes.
  • Detailed quotes
  • Plan.

When receiving information, we will always check carefully as well as exchange more with customers if necessary edit and meeting to be able to quickly deploy technical design.

2. Design preparation

The design preparation stage also has a lot of different steps that need to be assigned and noted:

  • Product analysis.
  • Mold structure.
  • Layout drawing.
  • Mold structure drawing.
  • Layout Meeting (DFM)

3. Design

The design also needs to be careful and ensure the specifications need to be accurate because this will be the document file used to put into CNC machines and machine details of products.

  • 2D data design
  • 3D data design
  • Check the drawings
  • Mold drawings
  • Detailed drawings
  • Standard components
  • List of components

4. Preparation for processing

After we have designed the parts of the product that need to be processing a complete file, we start preparing to processing the product. The preparation covers some of the following tasks:

  • Drawing research
  • CNC Programming
  • WEDM Programming
  • Technical process
  • Processing plan
  • CNC Program
  • WEDM Program

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Mold processing is a very important step, because this step will determine whether the product meets the standard or not and the previous steps are correct. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the criteria for mold processing:

  • Milling, grinding
  • CNC Machining
  • WEDM Processing
  • Polishing details
  • Mold cover (Base)
  • Mold detail
  • Mold Core Details

6. Mold assembly and testing

After completing the mold processing, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the mold, the implementation of mold testing and testing processes is a mandatory requirement before handing it over to customers. The things to do when testing are:

  • Component control
  • Mold assembly
  • Try molding and repair molds
  • Finishing mold
  • Products

After going through the stages and perfecting the final quality product, VCC Molds will proceed to pack and hand over to customers quickly, ensuring the schedule and work of customers.

Mold products
Stereotypical products

The conclusion

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