Mechanical products and considerations to improve product quality

Mechanical products after being finished will need to be checked several times to ensure quality from size, shape, smoothness,….. Before being delivered to the customer. Depending on each company, there will be different regulations to implement product quality control, but the ultimate goal is to ensure the best quality of products. In Vietnam, factories produce a lot of mechanical products, but competition with foreign companies is limited by many different reasons and conditions. Therefore, improving the quality of products will help Vietnamese businesses compete in the international market.

Some mechanical products
Some mechanical products

What is a mechanical product?

These are products created by mechanical machines, highly accurate and can be applied in real life. Mechanical products are very diverse in size, shape as well as their use. Mechanical products can be small component parts in machines, or also large chassis, chassis depending on customer requirements, in addition to many different types of products.

Mechanical products are mainly made of metal materials, and each metal material has different physical and chemical properties. Therefore, the control and selection of the right materials is essential.

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How to control the quality of mechanical products?

In order to ensure the best quality of mechanical products, engineers need to understand the properties of the processing materials as well as the storage processing environment to be able to come up with the most reasonable options.

Assessing the product quality of a mechanical processing product in addition to checking the actual quality on the product must also control the time of completion of the product to ensure all reasonable requirements that customers and the company have agreed.

On-demand stamping mold manufacturing service
The product is made from stamping mold

A few factors influence:

  • Regarding factory conditions: Ensuring reasonable processing design space, there are all kinds of modern machinery suitable for the processing process.
  • On product quality: It is necessary to ensure the quality of product processing materials, ensuring the size, appearance, durability, hardness, cutting lines, parameters,….. The requirement must be accurate with the design.
  • In terms of productivity and progress: Ensure the time to complete the batches of products in accordance with the schedule set out.

Quality control measures and techniques

  • Input quality control: Control the appropriate material for processed products, understand the principles and properties of products and fabricated materials.
  • Design and processing control: Based on the customer’s requirements, it is necessary to ensure the creation of complete designs, common explanations as well as communication with customers related issues then proceed to processing. The quality of the design is also a very important part of the processing of the creation of the product.
  • Control specifications: After processing the products need to be measured thoroughly, ensuring the specifications according to the drawing have almost zero tolerance.
  • Testing, evaluating, testing products according to the company’s standards: Each company will have announcements and decisions on quality assurance. Depending on the mechanical processing product for the industry, which company has different quality papers to ensure the quality of the product. Strict control of the quality of the product also means ensuring the quality of the company, ensuring the reputation of the company, improving the position and avoiding unfortunate problems.

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The conclusion

Mechanical products are widely and practically applied in life, so ensuring the quality of the product is absolutely necessary to be taken seriously. Quality, beautiful, accurate processing products will enhance the reputation of a business. The relentless progress of Vietnamese businesses to try to win over demanding customers abroad is welcome.

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