What exactly should the processing mold pay attention to?

   Precision processing of plastic molding is very high in terms of technique as well as durability of mold material, because the finished product when processing the mold is the correct mold and is used for the mass production of plastic product accessories and components. Therefore, the selection of mold manufacturing service providers should be carefully paid attention as well as need to learn the reputable units clearly. If you need information please contact VCC Molds immediately for advice immediately.

The technical requirements in precision mold processing are extremely important, because even a small mistake can have a great impact on the quality of the mold, the time of completion and the cost of mold production and then will be related to the progress of the disponsuopmic as well as the projects, The company’s intentions. Therefore, we can pay attention to some of the following to refer to and choose the company that suits our requirements.

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Mold quality

    The quality of the mold depends on a lot of factors in each stage of mold processing and fabrication but the first and most important thing is the molding material and this also determines the price of molding. Because molding materials are also very diverse and many main types, when customers choose materials, it is possible to know the high or low price. Because of this, customers need to know the purpose of producing the product. Molding with low-cost materials will not be able to be used for long and vice versa.

High-quality molds and low-quality molds also depend on the requirements of the customer who wants to make. Because the products require simplicity, molds do not need to have high requirements but to be able to use in the best way we should use high quality molds because of the durability and purpose of producing in large quantities.

Automotive Plastic Mold
Automotive Plastic Molds

Some elements that meet the mold design are as follows:

  • Precision mold processing with high technology, modern machinery
  • Molding materials must be good materials imported from reputable, large sources in the market.
  • The texture of the mold is firm, finished, not deformed or highly flawed.
  • Aesthetically, marks on the surface of the face should not have fingerprints that only show cut wounds on the surface.

Mold Product Quality

Each customer has different mold design and fabrication requirements, but in general, we can share 3 types as follows:

Set mold processing according to available product

When there is a requirement to mold processing according to the product available, it will be quite comfortable. Customers only need to give the product sample and the mold processing company just needs to make molds to squeeze out products of sample quality. Once completed, the evaluation of the mold to liquidate the contract and hand over the mold will also be simpler for both parties.

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Place mold processing according to available product and further improvements

This will be a little more difficult when the customer wants to improve from the existing mold because the processing party will need to calculate exactly what they need to do to ensure the mold is refreshed rather than patched up. Because of improvements, customers need to have detailed drawings of points to be advanced, accurate specifications if necessary so that the mold processing party will have grounds to complete and design and process the mold in a complete way.

Because the nature of the work requires the care of both parties, when customers come up with improved ideas, the mold processing side will also sit down to discuss, advise, come up with the most optimal solutions and solutions for customers to understand the problem and the costs incurred if any.

Mold quality is always preferred at VCC Molds
Mold quality is always preferred at VCC Molds

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Set mold processing for a new product

Mold processing with a new product will also be very different from previous ways of processing products and the time will also be longer. Because when we receive the information of the customer’s ideas, the processing party will need to redraw the drawing, diagram as well as discuss with the customer if there are errors.

Next, we also need to use professional simulation tools to predict possible problems and continue to discuss with customers to come up with design and machining options to minimize errors that arise. And customers also need to understand the requirements need to understand the necessary requirements of the product such as bonded requirements (gloss, surface roughness …), accuracy (pay attention to the locations required for assembly), volume, volume … to avoid problems when liquidating the contract and handing over the mold later.

This requirement can be said to be the most difficult because the new product is the product that is not on the market the processing will need to be tested continuously to perfect the product in the best way.

Bulk production quantity and warranty policy

As we have been mentioned in the selection of molding materials, the quantity factor of production needs to be targeted in order to optimize costs. Plastic molds when perfected and used will wear out anyway over time and the intensity of work is inevitable. Because of that, customers need to know the purpose of making molds and how long to use.The quality of steel and the finish of the mold are the two factors that determine the durability of the mold.

Each molding company will have different warranty policies for each type of product, so customers need to consult carefully with the processing party. Besides, the maintenance of the mold periodically also needs to be carried out. If the customer side can maintain the mold, there is no need to think much but otherwise, it is necessary to support the processing company.

Mold cleaning needs to be carried out regularly
Mold cleaning needs to be conducted regularly

The current mold maintenance service also has a lot of companies are deploying because of the need for hygiene, avoiding damage, there are unfortunate problems when pressing plastic molds.

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Delivery time

The completion and delivery time is also something that every customer wants to know correctly to be able to arrange a production plan. It may be based on how difficult and easy the product is, which can take a walk between a few weeks and months, or it may also be longer than the original appointment schedule. Because mold processing is a specific industry different from other fields.

There are problems that will arise that are not in the prediction and cause late delivery, but most processing companies offer planned problem plans and when problems occur, they will notify the customer and promptly fix it, Solving the problem, the delay in delivery will still be solved in the best way.


To be able to perfect the complete mold product takes a lot of time and requires knowledge to ensure that the mold after being processing can meet all the necessary requirements. VCC Molds is one of the units with many experienced engineers in the molding industry. Please contact us via Hotline/Zalo:0934 683 166 or Email: contact@vcc-group.vn for free consultation. Or leave a message here.

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