What is a pattern? How to mold processing?

There are already many definitions of stereotypes when you type "What is a template?"on Google. In fact, no concept is completely accurate, the word "pattern" is a common word, each person has a natural definition saved in memory.

What distinguishes the main stereotypical concepts is the division by field. In this article, the pattern that VCC Molds wants to mention is the pattern in the field of manufacturing.

The pattern in English is Mold or Mould. However, these two words also mean mold. So, to find information about molds in English, use the word Molding or Mold Making.

What is a pattern?

Molds are metal equipment, designed and fabricated with the purpose of producing other products according to the shaping method. Each template for a product has a different shape and structure. Depending on the mold requirements, the number of products to create that the mold has different prices.

What is a pattern? How is mold processing done?
What is a pattern?

What kind of patterns do patterns consist of?

  • Injection Mold
  • Metal Stamping Sudden Mold
  • Plastic Injection Mold
  • Rubber Press Mold
  • Pressure Molding
  • Glass Mold
  • Stamping Mold
  • Porcelain mold
  • Different

There are many different types of molds, which are categorized by producing the product. As the most common plastic injection mold(injection mold)is now used to produce plastic products by squeezing plastic injection. This is also the type of mold that VCC Molds makes the most. Plastic injection molds are used in the fabrication of plastic parts of cars, motorcycles, printers,…

Or rubber press molds used to produce rubber products: rubber gaskets, press buttons,…

Rubber Molding
Rubber injection mold

In addition to the above classification, the mold is also classified by the number of mold grafts:

  • Mold 2 Plates
  • Mold 3 Plates
  • Multi-layered mold
  • Multicolor mold

Mold processing is done through 6 steps

Mold processing is a complex process and requires high technical requirements to create quality molds. The mold production process at VCC is carried out through the following 6 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Get customer product drawing information.
  • Step 2: Analyze the product and simulate the structure of the mold.
  • Step 3: Design the detailed mold.
  • Step 4: Plan the processing.
  • Step 5: CNC precision mechanical processing.
  • Step 6: Assemble and test the mold, perfect the mold.

Mold processing is carried out closedly, using modern design software and CNC machining machine system synchronously.

VCC Molds is one of the few precision mold manufacturing companies in Hanoi investing in more than 3000m2 factory, more than 30 CNC machining machines, 3D measuring equipment and a team of skilled engineers. We are ready to serve the needs of mold processing and other precision mechanical processing services.

Mold processing company in Hanoi
Precision MoldIng Company in Hanoi – Vietnamese Capacity

What standards does the mold need?

To get a quality mold,it is important first of all that the design is standard. The drawing is the first finished product in the mold manufacturingprocess. The drawing must be accurate in size, then the mold processing is accurate.

Next is the choice of materials to make molds. That's stainless steel. However, stainless steel has many types (steel marks). Based on the material of the product, it is necessary to make a mold that chooses steel type with different wear and tear.

In terms of mold structure, mold components meet the quality standards, accuracy according to the drawing requirements. In addition, the warranty for molds must be good, timely support so as not to slow down the production schedule.

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VCC Molds – Mold processing company in Hanoi

With long experience in the mechanical engineering industry, VCC Molds is a mold processing company in Hanoi that is trusted by many customers.

Whether the product is small or large, the structure is simple or extremely complex in mold processing, VCC can be fabricated. Our clients are diverse in size, from small companies to large corporations.

A team of experienced engineers in the molding industry will help customers reduce the "headache" when choosing steel materials or OEM product design.

Our customers are aiming for Japanese enterprises in Vietnam in the automotive, motorcycle, electronics, printer industries,…. And targeting big target customers such as Cannon, Samsung, Toshiba, Daikin,….

The VCC Molds molding products have made:

With a synchronous modern machinery system, skilled techniques, we look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with customers.

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