Mechanical drill bits in industry

The drill bit used in mechanics plays a very important role, because to be able to machine the products as desired in addition to modern techniques and machinery, the identification and selection of drill bits and cutters for mechanical processing is also a special concern. The mechanical drills are created with extremely precise diameter size, so when reading a technical drawing to start processing and crafting the selection of the right drill and cutting knife should be considered first.

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So we also find out what a mechanical drill is.

The drill is designed with many twists and lengths as well as different sizes to suit the user’s purpose, All types of drills created are based on standard specifications.

Types of holes after casting, forging or have been drilled preliminarily before. When drilling a deep concave called a center hole.

When drilling you can drill the vent or not pine. The holes when drilling will depend on the requirements of mechanical processing products. Can add or further processing such as doa, cutting, taro …

Mechanical drill bits are very important in mechanical processing
Mechanical drills are very important in mechanical processing

Some types of mechanical drills

Characteristics of mechanical drill bits

There are two main parts:

  • The hilt: the main function is to make the nape and fix the drill on the drill.
  • Working part: is the tip of the nose of the drill used to drill cutting of all kinds of processing materials.

Operations of the working section:

  • The extra cutting blades are located on the twisted grooves with the use to shape and remove the material from the borehole.
  • The pointy area – the first place of contact with the surface of the material to be drilled contains the main cutting blades. Whether or not the drill is holed depends on the sharpness of this main cutting blade.
Selection of the right processing drills
Select the right processing drill

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The structure inside the mechanical drill

Each type of mechanical drill will have its own structure and use different types of hardness and durability materials to ensure the best quality drills to make suitable mold products. Let’s take a point at some of the steels that make mechanical drill bits.

  • HSS Wind Steel: It is a high-speed steel or wind steel that makes the drill with high hardness drill easy drilling with hard metals up to 900N / mm2.
  • HSS-R wind steel: This is also the same type of steel as wind steel but the drill bit is made using a hot rolling process.
  • HSS Wind Steel – G: The material is made up of a convenient drill using CNC machine.
  • Wind steel contains 5% cobalt HSSE-Co5: The high-end wind steel structured inside contains 5% cobalt, used to make a drill with high hardness, good heat resistance, easy drilling with hard alloy metals up to 1100N / mm2.
  • Wind steel contains 8% cobalt HSSE-Co8: It’s like HSSE-Co5 steel, but it contains 8% cobalt.
  • Tungsten Carbide: This is the most advanced steel in the drilling nose manufacturing industry, used to make the drill with the highest hardness, good heat resistance with high drilling speed. Common use in precision mechanics, processing on hard steels.
The wind drill. The type of drill is used for metal cutting drilling and precision mechanical processing.
The type of drill is used for metal cutting drilling and precision mechanical processing.

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Coating fitted outside the drill bit

  • Titanium coating: commonly used and increases material life up to 300-400% compared to non-coating type, improving the heat resistance for the material.
  • Carbon Nitride coating: increases the hardness of the material at high intensity, has good plasticity along with a very low friction coefficient, suitable for the fabrication of drill bits, and high hardness steel drills.
  • Titanium Nitride Coating: has very good antioxidant capacity while reducing heat for the material. Suitable for drilling hard materials without cooling.
  • Aluminum Nitride coating: like titanium aluminum coating helps the material to be resistant to oxidation, good heat resistance. Suitable for fabricating drill bits for drilling hard materials without cooling.
  • Tecrona coating is the most advanced coating with a low friction coefficient, which increases the life of materials with working intensity in a shift environment.
The drill bit used to drill wood usually has low hardness
Depending on the type of material that requires the drill bit processing will be adjusted accordingly

The conclusion

The selection of the right drill in mechanical processing is something that needs to be carefully calculated and ensured accurately to be able to create the most perfectly crafted product. At VCC Molds, with a team of engineers with extensive experience in the mechanical engineering industry, mold processing will calculate and handle the processing problems in the most accurate way. All requests and advice please contact via Hotline/Zalo: 0934.683.166 or leave a message here. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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