Accurate mechanical processing quality assessment criteria

The quality of mechanical processing is always something that customers are interested in especially precision mechanical processing. The improvement of the quality of mechanical processing from the beginning will contribute to improving the life of the product, reducing costs incurred as well as creating the reputation of the company.

To be able to evaluate a mechanical processing product, there are many different criteria and also depending on the mechanical processing product. But to get the most objective view we can see a few typical criteria, so let’s take a look at some of the criteria needed to evaluate the quality of processing.

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The accuracy of the processing product

Mold processing or machine parts processing requires very high accuracy, which ensures that the processed product can be used or not to proceed to the next steps. So the criteria for product accuracy are expressed in a few criteria:

  • The processing product requires the right size, specifications of the drawing, tolerances reach the minimum possible. This is to ensure that the product when used is durable, reducing the cost of materials when there is no need to rework many times.
  • The correlation position of the processing product needs to meet the requirements such as: perpendicular, concentric, parallel,….
  • The shape of the product must be the same as the drawing, the customer’s requirements
  • Product details when being processing need to ensure match when actual assembly.
Make sure the most accurate processing product
Make sure the most accurate processed product

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Surface assessment of processing products

Each processing product has different functions and uses, the surface assessment of the product also helps us to assess the quality of the details and whether the details are appropriate and satisfactory. And the processing surface also shows whether the quality of the processing product is guaranteed or not.

  • Roughness of the surface: The product details after processing will see the surface become shiny and flat but some details when approaching will notice unnecessary tissues, which is the micro geometry error of the processing product. There are two criteria for judging: average deviation (Ra) and undulating height (Rz).
  • The wave level of the surface: is an error caused by the law of cutting motion when processing, it is necessary to ensure the surface wave level as low as possible, which will show the processing quality of the product.
  • Processing surface bridge: The shape and direction of the cutting particles on the processing surface depends heavily on the processing method and cutting movement.
  • Surface defects: In this regard, it can be called a set error of many different small errors that not all processing products have. Errors are displayed at random depending on the level of the processer such as scratches, cracks, pores, or even fingerprints on the surface. This will be bad and lose the aesthetics of processing products.

Aesthetic assessment of the product

The aesthetics of mechanical products are also considered as one of the criteria that play a decisive role in the quality of the processing product. Processing products cover a wide variety of different types of products and for each function of the processing product there are distinct aesthetic requirements.

The surface of the processing product requires gloss, smoothness, needle color, ensuring the use of quality durable objects that exude a sense of appeal.

Highly aesthetically pleasing stereotypes will be more attractive
Highly aesthetically pleasing stereotypes will be more attractive

The conclusion

Through some of the above criteria, we can objectively evaluate a quality processing product. To learn more about the properties, materials, parameters,… We’ll see you in another post. Here VCC MOLDS we are also a professional mold design and mold processing unit, with long-time engineers in the mechanical manufacturing industry will bring satisfaction to customers. For more information, please contact hotline/zalo: 0934.683.166 or leave a message here. We will contact you again as soon as possible.

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