The importance of stereotypes in manufacturing industries

In our country, the auxiliary industry is developing very strongly, the demand for manufacturing and replacing plastic components is essential for industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastic tape utensils, plastic equipment components,………. It's not because it doesn't matter, but the auxiliary components are changeable components, and with the production of components with the correct mold, the same proportion and size will help the repair, maintenance as well as the replacement of machinery and equipment more quickly to ensure the work. It happens continuously and does not stall.

So what is a stereotype?

A mold is an instrument (also called a device) that is cast in metal to shape the product in a high-tech forming method. Component products created from molding are all products that are molded /pressed from molds in one cycle once or more depending on the needs of the manufacturer. The size, shape, composition of the mold is created based on the size, shape, composition of the product you want to create.

Each mold when created has to go through a lot of processes from the time of drafting the customer's idea, designing, manufacturing, processing, honing and testing then finishing to hand over the product to the customer.

So what is the Mold Manufacturing Process like?

In general, the production of molds, like the production of other mechanical products, must have all the stages to ensure the creation of the best quality product. And each company will have its own processes but can be combined simply into 4 steps as follows.

    B1: Receive information from customers.

– The technical department will receive the information from the customer then analyze, inform and consult with the customer to come up with the general, and optimal draft.

  B2: Redrawing manuscripts and designing patterns

– The designer will draw and redesign the mold products on cad software to get the most intuitive and real view of the mold to be built.

– Every complex detail of the product when shown on cad will become simpler.

   B3: Mold molding processing

– With the application of high technology and the use of CAM software. CAM software is mechanical processing software installed on a computer. With extremely high working accuracy and extremely low errors to be able to create the best mold product.

– When the molds are gradually perfected after cnc cutting, the technician will continue to sharpen and polish the parts and surfaces of the mold. Polishing will help molds when squeezing out plastic products will not be created redundant products or errors on the surface of the product.

– Mold products after polishing and finishing will be tested to test the accuracy and smoothness of the plastic component product is pressed out.

   B4: Check packing and delivery to customers

– After having passed the tests for the new mold, the mold will be taken to be packaged and sent to customers. The packaging process is also quite an important process because if packaged is not careful, it can distort the mold during transportation and cause deviations in the rate and processing details. This can lead to the company having to re-fabricate wasteful time and materials as well as ruin the customer's plans.

Benefits of mold in production

  • Using molds will help produce plastic components of good quality and accurate size. The use of molds also helps the production of components in large quantities quickly, the product is of the same size and indicator so when it needs to be replaced and assembled will be more accurate and convenient. The use of casting technology also makes it easier to design and manufacture a variety of models and components, increase the mechanical durability of the wall, increase the gloss and cleanliness of the surface of products to reduce the reworking of products and minimize waste products.
  • Using molds helps workers do not have to spend effort to rework products to reduce the number of workers but still achieve high labor productivity. The use of molds can be used many times to save costs for the business. The product is created with high accuracy, large quantities but does not take much time from which to increase labor productivity, reduce the cost of products, profit higher than conventional processing. Saving factory area because there is no need to make a mixture as a mold, workers can easily move the molds compact, easy to mechanicalize and automate. Simplify factory cleaning conditions and products made.


Above, we can understand what the mold is and how the mold is produced as well as the benefits that it brings to businesses that produce auxiliary components that VCC MOLD wants to share with you. Choosing a business to produce is also essential because mold processing also requires companies to have a lot of experience and VCC MOLD is also one of the companies producing high-end plastic component molds, if you have any questions or requirements to know, please contact us via Hotline: 0934 683 166 for advice and quotes as quickly as possible.

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