Plastic injection technologies in the production of industrial plastic products

The technology of squeezing plastic products in industry is an important process that determines the quality of plastic products. In this article, VCC Molds will introduce plastic injection technologies that use molds for production.

Plastic injection technologies in industrial production

Before the advent of molded automatic plastic injection technology, humans often used manual pressing methods. Of course still use molds, but are made by hand. The plastic is heated in the container, the worker will carry out the plastic poured into the mold. The cold mold opens the mold to remove the product. This manual method is not highly efficient but if the right skills and facilities will produce high-quality products.

Plastic molds have a simple texture, low production cost, so there are still many manual production units with products that require simple techniques and qualifications.

What about industrial manufacturers producing plastic products in large quantities? They will apply one or more of the following plastic injection technologies.

Injection injection molding technology in plastic production

Injection molding method in plastic production

With the aim of freeing up labor, machines are designed to support people to work more safely and productively. Plastic injection molding machines are such a tool. The mold, after being precisely machined, is assembled into 2 separate parts, which will be fixed to the injection molding machine as shown in the illustration. Do you see 2 parts of the mold, a fixed part in contact with the plastic nozzle of the injection molder, a portable part to remove the product.

Injection molding technology is often used to produce products with complex textures or high requirements for quality, long-term product life cycle. It can be mentioned that some products such as plastic pallets, plastic trays, handles … or electronic device case, motorcycle case, car, keyboard, mouse,…

Extrusion Technology

Plastic injection technology

In contrast to injection molds using complex molds that are precisely fabricated, extrusion methods use simple molds to shape simple, low-detail products such as plastic pipes, rubber hoses, rubber sheets, plastic sheets.

The plastic extrusion process is carried out as follows:

Plastic particles put into the extruder, melted thanks to the heat of the screw created. The mold is placed in the plastic extrusing part. The plastic after the mold is formed will go to the cooling stage and form the finished product.

This extrusion method is simple, easy to implement with low investment cost. The cost of molding is also low, faulty products that are recyclable and easy to operate are the advantages of this plastic pressing technology.

Blow pressing technology

Blown press is the process of inflating the plastic workpiece in an empty mold, so that its shape follows the shape of the mold' heart.

Blow pressing technology

The blow pressing method is similar to the two methods of plastic pressing above. The plastic bead is heated and then inserted into the mold. The air blower will blow into the mold as the simulation image above, causing the plastic to expand, clinging to the mold wall to master the product.

Conventional blow pressing is combined with blown or extrusion pressed blow. In which extrusion blows i.e. plastic is extrusion into the mold, closed the mold, then begins the process of blowing air.

Plastic products produced by this technology are plastic bottles, water bottles or children's toys… a variety of industries such as household appliances, industrial plastic products or industrial components.

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Forming pressing method

Finally, plastic injection technology is formed. Take a look at the image below:
Plastic molding technology

This method is different from the above methods. It is not the use of plastic particles, but the main material is thin plastic sheets.

The process is carried out as follows:

The plastic sheets are kept fixed by the jigs and heated to a flexible temperature. Then thanks to vacuum pressure or mechanical impact to make the plastic sheet hug the mold in a pattern, forming the product. To separate the product from the mold, use the gas injection method.

Plastic molding technology is often applied to the production of PP, PVC, PET products. Aircraft windshields, spaceship glass also use this method to produce.

Plastic pressed line model by shaping method


The above are the methods of manufacturing plastic products that VCC Molds synthesizes and shares. If you have any questions, leave a comment below for us to discuss.

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