On-demand stamping mold manufacturing service

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Stamping mold manufacturing service as required by VCC Molds

Molds have long been an important industrial production support device in enterprises. In these types of molds it is impossible not to mention the stamping mold.

VCC Molds specializes in manufacturing and processing precision molds for manufacturing industries related to automobiles, motorcycles, printers, electronics, household appliances… There are not many products in which the product is a sudden stamping mold.

On-demand stamping mold manufacturing service

We always put the interests of our customers first. Say no to poor quality products. Efforts to improve service quality, committed to bringing cold stamping mold products:

  • Optimal design, structure, simple installation.
  • Consulting molding materials in accordance with the needs and costs of customers.
  • Make sure the delivery time is on time.
  • High processing accuracy, creating quality products.
  • Lifetime mold maintenance and repair.

Structure of stamping mold

Stamping molds or stamping molds are both the type of molds used to produce metal products. Created by pressure that causes deformation of sheet metal or thin alloys. For example, metal components in the production of automobiles, motorcycles, electronic components, printers …

Metal stamping molds usually consist of two main parts:

  • Moving tibia
  • Fixed mortar part

Do you know the pair of mortars, tools used in the kitchen? That's the simplest understanding of sudden molding. When putting the metal plate into the mortar, the pestle will stamp down to shape the metal piece in the shape of the bottom of the mortar.

On-demand stamping mold manufacturing service

The technical requirements of metal stamping molds

Molds are used in industrial environments, susceptible to chemicals or impacts from the surrounding environment. Therefore, the selection of materials for making stamping molds should ensure:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Hardness and toughness ensured

In addition to environmental factors, the frequency of work and stamping methods is also something to pay attention to when choosing molding materials.

With stamping molds, the type of steel used has a component requirement of ~1%. The higher the carbon ratio, the harder the mold will be. Therefore, if the mold or impact is subjected, it is recommended to reduce the carbon ratio in steel to 0.4-0.6%.

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The difference of stamping molds with plastic molds or any type of mold is that after design and processing, the stamping mold needs to be undergoing heat treatment. This makes the mold more durable, hard and supple. At the same time, the thermal impact also increases the resistance to certain abrasion.

The role of mold stamping in industrial production

Processing molds suddenly brings many benefits to the industrial production industry. Especially in the mass production industry, production according to the automation line.

Stereotypes were invented a long time ago, people can see the history of stereotypes in the article "What is a pattern?". Automation came later but quickly developed and "acquired" stereotypes into its development line.

The sudden pattern of stamping brings benefits including:

  • Large production capacity with high accuracy.
  • The initial investment cost is low compared to the mold efficiency brought.
  • Labor savings, cost savings, reduced error rates and waste rates.
  • Improvements can be made when changing product designs (appropriately).

Mold manufacturing company

Metal stamping mold processing needs to achieve high accuracy. Therefore, in order not to suffer from "lost money, disability", you should choose a reputable and quality mold processing unit.

With a factory area of nearly 4000m2, and a specialized processing system for precision mechanical processing, Viet Capacity is trusted by many partners who are FDI enterprises to cooperate. Especially Japanese enterprises such as Molex, Denso, Asahi, Hamaden,….

In terms of mold installation and operation, stamping mold processing technology requires operators to have high expertise and long experience in the profession. This you don't need to worry about if you choose VCC to cooperate with. Mold engineers and manufacturers have decades of experience in the industry. The stages from design to fabrication and finishing are thoroughly tested.

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