How to prevent deformation before designing plastic details

When designing plastic parts, problems encountered in production should be prevented in advance depending on their shape. Avoid wasting time and expenses. And we have four guidelines to check for ourselves.

1.The plastic part is a large and thin plane, which needs to design enough fortified tendons.

Large and thin flat plastic parts are not sturdy enough and are susceptible to deformation. Rib design can avoid these problems at the same time.As the picture shows.

2. The side wall of the container has a thin box shape that is constantly deformed.

When the barrel has a thin box shape made of ABS or PP.Side wall is prone to concave deformation after injection pressing.Figure 2-1 (A) and Figure 2-1 (C).
1) To enhance hardness and reduce deformation, the edge of the container opening into thin is designed to have a curved structure.Figure 2-1 (B) and Figure 2-1 (D).
2) As figure 2-2 (B) and (D) Each side of the side wall is designed to have an outwardly curved structure to effectively resist deformation.
3) Some plastic parts are designed to be rectangular.When designing the mold, the core and cavity can change to a curved shape to the outside.

When designing plastic parts, pay attention to the deformation of the bottom of the part.

For large housing plastic parts.Due to the heterotropicity of plastic, it is easy to produce deformation.To reduce deformation, it is possible to design enhanced slopes.
The strengthened ribs should be staggered.Figure 3-1 (b).It can also be made into a spherical structure or curved shape.Figure 3-2 (b).

4. The upper surface of the plastic piece has a dent or miniature.

When designing the mold it is necessary to pay attention to the height of the core.Avoid making the wall thickness of the casting hole of the product too thin.High spray pressure and smaller shrinkability.

The conclusion

Pay attention to the details when designing plastic parts.A reasonable design can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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