How should I maintain and maintain plastic molds?

The issue of maintenance and maintenance of plastic molds is an extremely important issue, related to the life of the mold and ensuring good product quality is pressed from the mold. Regular and careful mold maintenance helps to minimize risks during the production process and significantly reduce the total cost of the project.

Why do we need plastic mold maintenance?


  • The maintenance of plastic injection molds ensures that the injection mold always maintains the best operating condition and thereby also increases the efficiency of the production process, ensures the perfection of product quality, prevents damage and can help improve the life of the tool as well as the quality of the part.
  • In practical terms, customers need to pay great attention to the maintenance of tools as well as when choosing suppliers, this to ensure the responsibility, service of the home also granted to customers, worn parts will adversely affect the quality of products, sales platform and the company’s goals.


  • Regular plastic mold maintenance will bring extremely many benefits such as saving costs and significantly improving the time of the production process. This is the premise for creating high quality and consistent products.
  • Regular maintenance of plastic molds will reduce the risk of unexpected incidents, help the production process operate smoothly, contributing to reducing the total cost of the company.

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Besides, the non-maintenance of plastic molds also brings harmful effects such as:

  • When not focused for long periods of time, there is a risk of significant economic losses for repairs or the need to completely replace the tool.
  • Besides major errors, even minor errors that are not detected due to not carrying out regular maintenance will have significant consequences.
  • In fact, it can be seen that regular plastic mold maintenance will cost much less than repairing and replacing tools.
Cleaning the mold is a necessary thing to do.
Cleaning the mold is a necessary thing

Plastic Mold Maintenance Guide

The decision to create and design a plastic mold requires a lot of economics as well as manufacturing machinery equipment. Molding requires high accuracy as well as aesthetics, besides the mold is an item that is used long-term and constantly exposed to high temperatures, so we need to have a regular maintenance time to avoid damage to the mold.

In fact, we can see that repairing the mold costs a lot more than a new job, but it will also cause unnecessary waste. So we can find out some common errors if the mold is not well maintained and how to fix it below:

Some common errors:

Plastic molds are reusable many times, but also because of that, when used for a long time, plastic molds will no longer be guaranteed the quality as originally. The process of erosion and degradation will take place quickly if the mold is not maintained periodically and thoroughly. We can see errors through the product such as:

  • Defective products are not fully intact.
  • The surface of the product has burn marks.
  • Brittle products are prone to cracking, breaking, breaking.
  • The product is oily.
  • The product is disconued.
  • The product is concave or porated…

In addition to the errors we can clearly see on the product, the mold is not carefully maintained and there is a possibility of errors occurring on the parts of the mold itself.

  • Broken mold components
  • Weary, deformed components
  • The surface is oxidized, rusted…
Mold maintenance fix
Fix mold maintenance

Simple fix

  • When the mold causes the burning of the surface of the product should be fixed in the direction: redesign the air drainage system or arrange more outlets when entering the mold. On the other hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of a reasonable product thickness.
  • With brittle products prone to breakage, breakage: can be caused by nozzles, channels or nozzles, so to overcome the need to redesign the plastic spray system to make sense.
  • Soon the surface makes the plastic product seriously defective and the product will be removed as soon as it is pressed. The cause of this phenomenon lies in the problem of mold, the sharp corners of the mouth, the channel must be overcome immediately by smoothing the corners.
  • The product is disconued due to molding: the only remedy is to redesign the appropriate plastic channel system to reduce the friction heat generated by overheating.
  • Bavia is the most common error when plastic products are pressed out. Although it is not a serious error, it takes time and effort to remove excess plastic. In order not to occur bavia on the product, when maintaining the mold, it is necessary to pay attention to the gas and cleanliness on the face of the mold.

But in fact we need to carefully observe what mold is faulty in order to be able to make the right repair decision.

Mold maintenance
Mold maintenance

Take notes of items that need mold maintenance

And most importantly, in order to be able to easily maintain the mold, we should record the items necessary for orderly and periodic maintenance. Some maintenance items can be mentioned as follows:

  • Maintenance and periodic maintenance of PL face: cleaning and treating the stain on the PL face, gas – vent ventilation.
  • Cleaning mold core details
  • Sliding unit lubrication: heat lubricating oil including push latch, guide latch, oblique latch, Slide Core – loose, slide slide groove.
  • Tighten the bolt: check the state of screw blocking bolts, spring the push part.
  • Clean the head of Sprure bush, remove the plastic clinging on the surface in contact with the molder nozzle.
  • Check for leaks: check the cooling water aduct parts, check the heat-resistant gasket against steam leakage.
  • Check if Hot Runner’s activity is broken, broken or not
  • Anti-rust treatment molds are not used for long periods of time, maintenance before stopping the use of molds.

The conclusion

Mold maintenance is a job that needs to be done periodically and maintained for a long time. This will help in minimizing minor errors that occur during molding, using molds, in addition to being the premise for larger mold errors. At VCC Molds we do the mold design in a processed and strict way so you can completely trust us. If you need to design molds please contact us immediately via Hotline: 0934 683 166. or via Email: for free advice and quotes.

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