About Mold Manufacturing Company in Hanoi

Mold production in Hanoi is the demand of many manufacturing enterprises, FDI enterprises. Finding a quality mold manufacturing company in Hanoi is not easy.

Viet Capacity Precision Mold Joint Stock Company is an enterprise with many years of experience in mold manufacturing in Hanoi and the Northern region. Investing in synchronous processing machinery equipment from Japan, Europe, VCC Molds always puts mold quality first.

The mold products of Vietnamese Capacity are accurate to millimeters, high durability, bringing production benefits to enterprises.

Mold manufacturing company in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, with many gateways adjacent to 8 northern provinces. Besides, Hanoi has 9 industrial parks operating with a coverage of up to 95%. There are many Japanese FDI enterprises,…. and Vietnamese enterprises need to produce molds in Hanoi. Especially plastic press molds, rubber press molds, pressure molding.

Mold manufacturing company in Hanoi

Stereotypes play an important role in modern production. Therefore, mold production needs to focus on high quality. This is the advantage that VCC Molds has.

With a mold factory of more than 3000m2, located in Nam Thang Long industrial park, VCC Molds builds the same working spirit and culture as the Japanese. We learn how to do and apply Japanese product quality standards, combining the application of ISO 9001:2015 to bring customers the best quality products.

Plastic mold processing

Plastic injection molds are used to produce plastic products. The quality of the mold will determine the quality of the product. Good quality molds will give the plastic product sharp and uniform. On the contrary, the gloss of the mold is not reached, the product will scratch, even the wrong design size.

Mold manufacturing company in Hanoi


VCC Molds is a mold manufacturing company in Hanoi, receiving plastic mold processing. Commitment to plastic injection mold products:

  • The accuracy of the mold is highest according to the customer's requirements.
  • Plastic products ensure uniform quality.
  • Increase production productivity, reduce processing time. Thereby reducing the cost of production to increase competition for businesses.

In plastic molds, injection molds are the strengths of Vietnamese Capacity. Implementing many injection mold projects for FDI enterprises to produce plastic components of automobiles, motorcycles, electronic components … Receiving the trust of customers from Japan such as Molex, Sews-Cv, Hamden,… VCC dares to be confident about the quality of its service can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Prestigious mold manufacturing company, good price in Hanoi

VCC is not only looking for customers, we look forward to finding soul mates. Help each other in the way forward.

In addition to mold products, we also receive on-demand jigs. Processing products ensure:

  • Molding, processing jigs according to international standards.
  • 3D drawing design, optimal before being put into CNC machine processing.
  • Make sure the right design requirements, the right schedule of work.
  • Molds, jigs with high accuracy, durability, stable operation.
  • Highly skilled performance engineers, many years of experience in mold manufacturing and precision mechanical processing.
  • Consulting to choose the right materials, ensuring durability, quality of molds, jigs.
  • Get jigs design, mold design as required.

Vietnam Capacity Precision Mold Joint Stock Company

Address: Lot B2-3-3b, Nam Thang Long Industrial Park, Thu Phuong, Bac Tu Liem, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

Phone: (+84)24 6687 8283

Email: contact@vcc-group.vn

Hotline/Zalo: 0934683166

Website: www.vcc-mold.vn

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